The General Prologue, The Miller’s Portrait – Alfred David

Read by Alfred David
as edited by E. Talbot Donaldson
in The Norton Anthology of English Literature
(II. 547-559 in Norton; II. 545-557 in The Riverside Chaucer)

The General Prologue, The Miller’s Portrait in MP3 format

The Millere was a stout carl for the nones.
Ful big he was of brawn and eek of bones–
That preved wel, for over al ther he cam
At wrastling he wolde have alway the ram.
He was short-shuldred, brood, a thikke knarre.
Ther was no dore that he nolde heve of harre,
Or breke it at a renning with his heed.
His beerd as any sowe or fox was reed,
And therto brood, as though it were a spade;
Upon the cop right of his nose he hadde
A werte, and theron stood a tuft of heres
Rede as the bristles of a sowes eres.
His nosethirles blake were and wide.