The Closing Of Troilus And Criseyde, Book V, ll. 1828-1841

Read by Tom Farrell
as edited by John H. Fisher
in The Complete Poetry and Prose of Geoffrey Chaucer

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Swich fyn hath, lo, this Troylus for love;
Swich fyn hath al his grete worthynesse;
Swich fyn hath his estat real above;
Swich fyn his lust, swich fyn hath his noblesse;
Swich fyn hath false worldes brotelnesse!
And thus bigan his lovyng of Criseyde,
As I have told, and yn this wyse he deyde.

O yonge, fresshe folkes, he or she,
In which that love vp groweth with youre age,
Repeyreth hom fro worldly vanyte,
And of youre herte up casteth the visage
To thilke God that after his ymage
Yow made; and thynketh al nys but a fayre
This world that passeth soone as floures fayre.