Beowulf and Old English Literature

General Resources for Medieval Studies

The Douay-Rheims Bible – A Catholic translation of the Vulgate Bible into English, often closer to the Latin text that medieval authors would have known than any more modern translations, Catholic or Protestant. If a student can’t read the medieval Latin Vulgate itself, this is the translation to use. Also available at Intratext Library, which contains a built-in concordance for many of the words.

The Catholic Encyclopedia – An excellent first stop for research into Catholic doctrine and the history of the medieval Catholic Church.

Medieval Sourcebook – Fordham University’s website with links to translations of many medieval texts, including Richard de Bury’s Philobiblon, a source of the antifeminist tradition and The Wife of Bath’s Tale.

The Labyrinth – A prime site for all medieval resources on the World Wide Web.

The Online Reference Book (ORB) for Medieval Studies – This is an archived version of the site originally edited by the late Kathryn Talarico and no longer maintained at the original URL, Though it was available until July 2015, this link is to’s December 23, 2012, snapshot, because more of the links are still active as sub-pages. Especially useful for students are the entries in the ORB Encyclopedia, the Textbook Library, Of General Interest, and E-Texts. Scholars will be pleased that Jim Marchand’s “What Every Medievalist Should Know” is intact.