Music Of The 14th Century

Courtesy of the Classical Midi Archive Website by Pierre R. Schwob.
For more medieval music, visit Gary Rich’s Ars Subtilior. Music of the late Medieval period 
  • MACHAUT, Guillaume de (c.1300-77)
    • Agnus Dei (P.Drum) 

  • DE PERUSI, Matheus (late 14th cent.)
    • Ballade - Le greygnour bien (GR.Rich) 

  • SOLAGE (late 14th cent.)
    • Ballade - Corps feminin (GR.Rich) 

    • Rondeau - Fumeux fume The 14th-century ‘stairway to heaven’ (GR.Rich) 

  • TREBOR (late 14th cent.)
    • Ballade - En someillant (G.R.Rich)